• Fair + Honest

    Our governmental system is built on the principle that those who are most capable to rule are should be the one's doing so. Regelis' meritocratic philosophy encourages the best minds of every field to partake in forming legislation and regulation to best suit their needs. All citizens have the capability to vote at any age so long as they are able to demonstrate knowledge of Regelian governmental system.

    The Regelian Governmental System
  • Transparent + Cooperative

    Government operation and passed legislation is public knowledge. Regulations moving forward are all suggestions brought to the council by the public at large. Any group or organization may put forth to lobby new legislation to the House of Associates for peer-review. We keep a good eye on what the public at large is saying and what they want from their government.

    How Your Vote Matters
  • Peace + Prosperity

    The Regelian Military is treated like a shield, and not a sword. Regelis will never enter armed conflict unless such action is needed to protect its people. We make sure people have the means to live and work without fear of poverty, hunger, or lack of shelter. Regelis has made a commitment to maintain its Universal Basic Income program at any cost.

    The Universal Basic Income Program
  • Free + Easy

    Regelian citizenship is always free, and is designed to be a frictionless as possible. Regelis recognizes dual citizenship and has very simple requirements. We ask that all citizens of working age have the ability to effectively communicate in English. We maintain that this, and a promise to adhere to Regelis' laws, is the only requirement for Reglian Citizenship.

    Regelian Citizenship

"Our military is a shield, not a sword. Regelis will only enter conflict by will of its people."

House of Councils